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Merry Sisters of Fate

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Fiction that Runs with Scissors

You've found the right place for the dark, the weird, and the disturbingly beautiful. From flesh-eating faeries and demons in love, to unearthly magicians and alternate histories, the Merry Fates explore the creepy shadows where monsters and magic touch our world. Sometimes contemporary and humorous, at other times tormented, romantic, or drawing heavily from fairy tales, there’s something for everyone in the short stories.

Every month, the we offer three original short stories. Tessa tends toward the mythical and bloody, Maggie prefers her monsters with a heavy dose of angst and sarcasm, and Brenna lures readers in with delicate and dangerous sense of the macabre.

Recently, we sold a collection of stories to Andrew Karre at Carolrhoda Lab for publication in 2012. The project will explore the way we write and edit our stories, including chats, emails, and commentary from readers. We're very excited about it! For more information, click here!

The name Merry Sisters of Fate comes from a traditional Irish reel. Listen to a version by Altan.

We welcome anyone to follow us as a WATCHER. You will be able to comment and read our entries on your friend's page. All readers are welcome to join in the discussions, to comment and participate however you wish. Please keep any participation to the PG13 level in order to accommodate all our readers.

New fiction appears every Monday! And every fourth week all three of us will be bonus material -- usually a roundtable with all three Merry Sisters weighing in (feel free to suggest topics).

Welcome to Merry Fates. But be careful, we run with scissors.