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Merry Sisters of Fate
Merry Fates New Orleans CONTEST EXTRAVAGANZA! 
12th-Apr-2010 09:09 am
merry fates arms
This Thursday, Maggie, Brenna, and I are heading off with our significant others (and possibly a couple of other awesome writers) to


We'll be relaxing, tearing up each other's books, laughing, exploring cemeteries, and every other fun thing you can do in the Big Easy for 5 days.

But, dear readers, we couldn't imagine leaving you out of all the fun. SO. We're having a contest. It's an easy contest, and the prizes are gonna be great.


1) pick your favorite Merry Fates short story.

2) post it to your blog, or your Facebook, or your Twitter with a link back to the story.

3) comment to this post, showing links to your blog/FB/Twitter.

EXTRA CREDIT: if you pick a story from each of us, and post links to all three. This will get you 3 entries instead of just 1.


Yes you can post to all your social media - the more the merrier! (See what I did there?)

Yes this is open to international participants!


We will randomly pick four winners next Monday, during our Round Table discussion (which will hopefully be a video blog!).

#4: a copy of SHIVER, signed by Maggie, doodled in by the rest of us.

#3: a copy of BALLAD, signed by Maggie, doodled in by the rest of us. (I will probably draw several pictures of Sullivan and I holding hands on the beach. Like that ---->)

#2: an ARC of THE REPLACEMENT, signed by Brenna, doodled in by the rest of us.

#1 GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Something Awesome That We Find in New Orleans and Make Even Awesomer. We don't know what exactly it will be yet, other than it will be completely unique, insane, hilarious, and possibly sticky. (Just kidding about the sticky. I hope.)

It is possible we'll go crazy and add prizes, depending on what we find/do/bail money. We ARE going to be five writers with SOs in the city of sin (wait, is that Las Vegas?) the city of jazz and pirates.

GO FORTH AND TELL THE WORLD ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE MERRY FATES STORIES! We don't even mind if they know we bribed you to do it.

(Hint: there are tabs in the margin that have not only our names so you can narrow it down that way - fiction by brenna, frex - but also subject matter if you know you're looking for a fairy story or a demon story, etc.)

* Yes, Maggie was supposed to post a story today, BUT she is currently on werewolf-lockdown and will post her story on Monday, April 26th. After that, back to our regular schedule. What a great opportunity to go back and reread stories to find your favorites! :D

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